How to Play Five Card Lineup

The Deck

Understanding the deck is the key to understanding how to play Five Card Lineup.

Unlike a regular poker deck, which has four suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades) you can think of our deck as having five suits.

The five suits are five fantasy football player positions: QB, RB1, TE or RB2, WR1, and WR2. Each position will always appear in the same spot on the table every time.

For each position there are 12 players.

And for each player, we have 12 scores. These scores are the players' real fantasy scores from real games, but they have been adjusted to fit our scoring system.

The players are ranked based on their average fantasy score for that season. So the player with the best set of scores at his position in our deck is ranked first and the player with 12th best scores at that position is ranked 12th.

The rank is important, because when you are dealt your cards you can tell who you might want to hold and who you might want to throw back based on their rank. You are more likely to win if you hold onto the higher ranked players (1st through 5th is a good rule of thumb).


Once your hand is set (you've gone through the Deal and the Draw) you hit the Score button.

As we talked about above, each player has 12 fantasy scores. For each of the five players in your hand, you'll get one of the 12 scores, picked randomly. We'll show the score and the week of the season that they got that score.

Again, we adjust the scores to fit our game, so if you go out and find the player's fantasy scores from a particular week of a particular season, it may not match what we've got. But all the players' scores are adjusted in the same way, so no player will get an advantage or disadvantage from our adjustments.

We add up the scores, check them against the Pay Table, and if you have a high enough score you win! And depending how high a score you get, you can earn a higher payback.

And we also check to see if you have any Stars, because Stars can earn you a payback as well, including the Jackpot.

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Stars represent each player's best score among the 12 scores in his set. And if you get a Star or multiple Stars in your hand, we check that against the Pay Table too. Multiple Stars can earn big payouts.

Note: For game purposes a player can only have one best score. So if a player has two or more best scores that match, we take the first one of the season.

Besides earning you chips, Stars also can earn you new play levels. Every time you get a Star in your hand it goes up to your total number of Stars. The more Stars you have, the higher your level.

Sample Payout Table

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The Sleeper Game is a bonus game that is played along with the other games in the Five Card Lineup Family. When you play the Sleeper game you are making an additional bet that is equal to the bet you made when you started your hand.

Once you reach level 3, you will be eligible to play the Sleeper Bonus game.

In our games, a Sleeper is a 12th-ranked player. If you get a 12th-ranked player on the Deal, you will be asked if you want to play the Sleeper Bonus game.

You can see the Sleeper Pay Table from this prompt too.

You can play the Sleeper bonus game if you are dealt one, two, or three 12th-ranked players.

The Sleeper Bonus game allows you to earn additional chips on winning hands, and because it is more difficult to score with a 12th-ranked player, the Payouts are higher.

If you agree to play the Sleeper Bonus game, the 12th-ranked player(s) will be held for the Draw.

You can still hold other players for the Draw as well.

Once you are ready, hit Draw to get new cards for your un-held spots.

Note: If you get a 12th-ranked player on the Draw, that player does not count toward your Sleeper Bonus. Only 12th-ranked players you receive on the Deal count as Sleepers in the Sleeper Bonus game.

You proceed as normal. Hit Score to get your score. We'll total up your score and match it to the Pay Table and if you made a Sleeper bet, we'll match it up to the Sleeper Bonus Pay Table as well.

Note: Stars do no factor into the scoring for Sleeper Bonuses.


The Keeper game allows you to hold players over from one hand to the next.

Once a hand is over Touch Play Again.

A message at the bottom of the screen reads: "Touch a card to keep it for the next hand."

Touch any card you want to hold over for the next hand. A Keeper token, with a "K" on it, will cover the top portion of the card you chose to keep.

If you change your mind, touch the card again and the Keeper token will go away.

Near the top right of the screen is your Keepers inventory. It tells you how many Keepers you have.

You can always get more Keepers by touching the Get More button.

Once you are ready, touch Begin to start a new hand.

The hand plays just like a regular Five Card Lineup hand. You will be dealt cards to fill in any positions where you didn't Keep a player.

You can hold any cards you want of the newly dealt cards, but you can't undo the Keepers.

Once you are ready touch Draw to get new cards. And then touch Show Results.

You will get your score and receive your payout if you won.

If you have any questions contact us at

Thanks for playing!

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